Fly In - Paddle Out

Fly In - Paddle Out: 4 days at Wolf Lake Lodge, then 4 day paddle down the Wolf River, $5,150 per person
4 day Wolf River Paddle only, $3,000 per person
Both trips are fully guided and outfitted (all equipment, meals, snacks)

For the very adventuresome, the Wolf River is a widely known paddle destination in the Yukon. From it’s mouth at Wolf Lake, the river meanders through 80 miles of rugged wilderness, with some class III and IV rapids, as well as a set of falls to practice your portaging skills.

After 4 to 5 days of floating, paddling and portaging, the river meets the Nisutlin River, which flows into the Nisutlin Bay of Teslin lake. Guests are then escorted by car back to Whitehorse.

This trip is fully guided with an experienced guide, and includes all gear and food. The ultimate Wilderness Adventure!

A Previous Guest's Experience

A Wolf River Adventure
by Thomas Eisenhofer, Germany

Two of my friends, Peter and Andy flew into Wolf Lake from Whitehorse on August 22nd 8.am. My father Karl, my friend Günter and I drove the car to Teslin, where we left it at the restaurant of Norbert Koseler. From Teslin, Gerd picked us up and we arrived at Wolf Lake around 11am. As Gerd flew back to Whitehorse and the silence came back to the Lake it was a great experience for us to be alone in the wilderness. For my friends, it was the first time in their life to be away from everything , also a strange feeling. It was great to have a home for four nights to get in touch with this situation.

After we took all our gear to the cabins, we started to make a fire at the outside fireplace. The steaks, we brought in from Whitehorse, were great and a perfect start for the following days.

The next days we spent our time fishing and exploring the Lake and in the evening we enjoyed to sit around the table and have a warm place. A single malt whiskey, a cigar and good friends is sometimes all a man need. We also found the trail to May lake, where we explored the shores and had great catches of pikes and small laketrouts (also with the flyrod). The fishing for lakers was not as good as in June but we all caught namaycush up to ten pounds. We fished barbless and released every fish, except two nice ones for dinner.

The third day we went to the outlet of the lake to check the water conditions of the river. It looked perfect and we spent our time dry fly fishing for Graylings. They were great fighters and every second cast was a fish.

For the whole time the weather was perfect. In the morning, it was around zero but when the sun came out, it was nice, warm and we joined the lake for a short swim.

So everything the accommodation, the weather, the fishing, the silence and the evenings sitting in your lodge, where first class and we all have to say more than thank you for this experience. Günter a businessman who traveled to many places in the world was more than surprised from the beauty of the lake and the lodge. For all of us it was one of the best places in the world. For Andy it was also a healer. He has a very stressful job and in Germany he have so many problems with his nerves under his skin. Every time water comes to his skin, it drives him crazy, scratching all the time. After three days at your lodge with no mobile phone he was in the lake with no problems and still is everything o.k. So you have to think about to become a health clinic for stressed managers! The boats and motors worked perfect and we had no problem.

It was August 26th,10 am when the float plane came to pick up Günter, to fly him back to Whitehorse. This was a great advantage for us, because we gave him most of the fishing gear and a lot of things we didn't need for the following canoe trip. We left the lodge and started our journey down the Wolf River at the same day Günter left us.

It was sunny weather and warm when we paddled through the outlet of the Lake to the river. A few hundred meters later, we met two Indians fishing for chinooks. The first few hours where just beautiful but it was not easy to canoe at this low water level. We where surprised how many salmon are in the Wolf River to spawn. The first day we have seen bear tracks at every beach but no encounter with a Grizzly. In the evening we found a great camp place close to the confluence of the Red River. The first day canoeing the small Wolf was so nice, for me it goes with the Upper Stikine in B.C.

After our first night, we continued all the way down to where a creek comes in from the left. When I canoed the Wolf 1999 in June during the high water, it was not possible to paddle against the current of this creek. Now it was easy and we arrived at Fish Lake in the evening. You told me that there is an camp and we tried to have a look at it. Nobody was there and it was now late in the evening, so we decided to build our tents and to stay for one night. It was a nice place to overlook the lake. After breakfast a floatplane was coming and I went down to the water. The pilot asked me what we are doing here and that this is private property.

After he was talking with me and I explained him, we came from your lodge he was very kindly. I told him, that we leave in one hour and it was no problem. Before we left, he gave me his card and told me I have to call him next time I come.

From the Red River to 5 km before Caribou Creek is easy to canoe with no whitewater. It was sometimes hard to find the right channel because of the low water. We camped the third night well above English Creek and everybody was now familiar with his canoe and ready for the whitewater. We paddled to an eddy above Caribou Creek and had spaghetti for lunch. After we were filled up, we lined the boats around the class 4 rapid and canoed down the next few hundred meters. My experience from the last trip told me to go well above the falls to the right side. This worked perfect and after lining the boats 200 meters, we found the portage trail. This is the most dangerous part of the river. If you come to close to the falls you get sucked down and you have to go to this five meter drop. When the trail makes his way to the river again and around the Falls the whitewater does not stop. The class II and III rapids continue just before the confluence with the Nisutlin.

After this long day portaging and whitewater we where glad to set up camp in the evening to enjoy the last beer and watching the Northern Lights. The next day started with light rain(The first since we left Germany). It took as three more hours to reach the Nisutlin. Another two hours we came into the bay and we had strong wind and waves on the bay. So we where all glad to have a beer and a burger at the restaurant but I also missed the silence from the last days.

After 9 days we finished one of the best trips we ever have done and without your help it wouldn`t be half as nice. I have done many canoe trips in the Yukon and British Columbia, but the Wolf`s combination of everything is very special. There are many companies to guide on the rivers in the Yukon Territory like the Big Salmon, Pelly, Nisutlin or the Yukon but the Wolf is very special for special people.

Michelle and Wes I thank you for everything and you can be sure, that I recommend your place.

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