Wolf Lake Lodge Supports Habitat and Community

Wolf Lake Lodge works diligently at being a corporately responsible entity. This is why 5% from any trip that you purchase from us is spent on various ethical contributions. Wolf Lake Lodge spends equal amounts of this funding on:

Sustaining Wildlife and Their Habitat
Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited and Fishing Forever all have a vast network that supports fish, wildlife, and their habitat. Due to their long standing proven track records and respectable reputations they have been chosen as worthy recipients of our donations on your behalf.

Environmental Research
Wolf Lake Lodge is a haven for both large numbers and large size of lake trout. The cold, deep waters and excessive amounts of feed are responsible for these flourishing the way that they do. Wolf Lake Lodge supports Yukon Fisheries in their ongoing research on all of the fish species in the Yukon, by hosting their researchers at the lodge to conduct research on our fishery. We also hope to participate in their educational initiatives beginning in 2009.

All of the fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts that visit Wolf Lake Lodge travel through the highly remote city of Whitehorse en route to the lodge. Wolf Lake Lodge has taken it upon itself to support the local families of this town as their way of giving back to the community.

The Yukon Government in conjunction with the Fish and Game association provides several different opportunities throughout the summer to educate and encourage local families to enjoy the sport of fishing. Wolf Lake Lodge is a proud financial supporter of their programs.

Wolf Lake Lodge Eco-Values

  • We use only environmentally friendly cleaning agents at the lodge, helping to sustain the water quality;
  • Our hot tub is heated by fire, using standing deadfall close to the lodge;
  • Rather than having huge generators running all day long, we use one fuel efficient Honda 3000 watt generator only when it’s needed. Hot water heaters, deep freeze, refrigerators, stove and cabin lights are all propane. This also cuts down on noise pollution and allows our guests to enjoy the quiet of the wilderness;
  • We utilize sturdy Lund fishing boats with fuel efficient motors, which are also very quiet;
  • All garbage that is not combustible is flown back to civilization to be disposed of properly;
  • Hot water usage is limited to reduce fuel consumption;
  • We utilize the 24-hour daylight and limit electrical lighting to reduce fuel consumption;
  • We are currently utilizing a small amount of solar energy with plans to expand;
  • Perhaps most importantly, our lakes and rivers are catch and release for all trophy, ensuring the viability of the fishery for years to come.

Wolf Lake Lodge not only allows you the opportunity to participate in the cycle of giving back to the environment that sustains our business, but also looks at finding exciting ways to make your time spent with us a healthy and happy one. Our home cooked meals, array of healthy activities available at the lodge and focus on connecting people to the environment are all ways of ensuring that your time spent with us will allow you memories that will last a lifetime! We very much look forward to sharing our lodge with us this upcoming summer.

The fireweed is the Yukon’s territorial flower. It is shown on the Yukon flag and is symbol of the beauty that this area has to offer. The fireweed grows throughout the territory during summer months and is named because it is the first plant to grow back after a forest fire. Wolf Lake Lodge has chosen this symbol to showcase areas of our website that talk about our environmental and social responsibility.

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